Rector's Profile


Christ Episcopal Church has a long and fruitful history of ministry here in Yankton.  We are now in a time of change as parish, denominational and wider church trends have seen our active membership decline to a "family size" church of about 35 Average Sunday Attendance (ASA).  We are looking for a full-time priest who can lead us to embrace this reality as a starting place to revitalize our ministry.  Our congregation believes that the primary strengths we need from our priest will be as follows:



• Help the congregation embrace the realities (strengths and limitations) of a family sized church.

• Encourage and empower the ministry of every member.

• Be a steady and loving shepherd to maximize our shared ministry impact.

• Encourage the members to be stewards of time, talent, and treasure for the work of God.



• Sermons that can give our reflective congregation Christian thought to engage and apply in daily life.

• Sermons that connect our liturgical worship with our way of life.

• Sermons that encourage those who are exploring Christian faith.


Pastoral Care

• A ministry that encourages and deepens relationships among our members across diverse ages and perspectives.

• A ministry that models and encourages caring as the work of the whole church.

• A ministry that trains us to provide care that is personal, prayerful and, where authorized, sacramental.



• Prioritize the work of the staff (currently a paid p/t secretary).

• Oversee the care of our historic and beautiful physical plant.

• Encourage and empower the Vestry to take on a proactive leadership role for the material upkeep of the parish.


A Congregational Commitment

Recognizing that the very future of Christ Church as a viable congregation is the challenge confronting us and acknowledging that meeting this challenge cannot and must not be the sole or even primary responsibility of an incoming rector, we, the parishioners of Christ Episcopal Church, commit to a mutual responsibility with the rector (and family) to face this challenge together by pledging to:


Provide care and support for the rector

• Welcome warmly our new rector (and family) and assist with integration into the community.

• Support our rector (and family) with our prayers, love, and companionship as friends on a mutual journey in Christ.

• Be open to and honestly consider new visions, ideas, and ministries that will enhance the effort to revitalize our church.

• Inform the Rector of concerns regarding parish life and/or its ministry in a respectful, timely, and constructive manner.

• Be responsible in providing the financial means to support a full-time rector.


Participate in and support parish life

• Be faithful in attending worship services.

• Participate in Christian education and formation.

• Participate in community outreach efforts.

• Assist in providing pastoral care to parishioners.

• Offer leadership and/or assistance when there is a need.

• Continue to support a lay ministry team that provides lectors, chalice bearers, Eucharistic visitors, Morning Prayer officiants, and homilists as needed.

• Support the Vestry by being willing to serve on it and assist it with meeting the needs of caring for our church’s facility and the management of its financial challenges.