You are invited to join us for "Serenity"


This is a Contemplative Mind, Body and Spirit Worship


Time:  9:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Sunday at Christ Episcopal Church


We begin with a moving meditation

Tai Chi Chin or Yoga


This is a guided movement and the body to calm the mind and body.

(No need for any special clothing - nothing strenuous will be done).


We sit quietly to prepare for Meditation


Bring awareness to the breath and relaxatiion of the body. Guide breathing awareness

to bring people into the present moment and prepare for and become receptive to the period of meditation.


There is a Holy reading or Lectio


Each week chose either holy reading or Lectio.


Holy Reading:  Someone will read a short reading.  Then after about 4 minutes re-read the passage again.  Then people sit in quiet meditation for the remainder of the time.


Lectio:  Someone will read a short reading (Holy reading with a meditation and/or response).




Prayer for Peace


Peace in the world begins with peace in our own heart.


Chanting / Music Offering


Simple chant or other music with an ending in a long OM or AMEN. We could use a Taize chant, a passage or a psalm or scripture or any other beautiful and simple chant. Music may be offered here as well.


Let the sound wash over and fade out - sit quietly briefly.


End with a bow to each other.