ECW Meeting Minutes July 30, 2023
The meeting was called to order by President Sandy Cope at 10:45 am.
Those in attendance were: Sandy Cope, Shann Doerr, Jane Kopecky, Janelle Tacke, Liz Lynch, Mary Willcockson, Peg Michael, Jane Hawk, Gert Boyles, Karen Kubal, Kathy Wright.

The minutes of the April meeting were read and approved as corrected.

Treasurer’s report was reviewed, discussed, and approved. This fall we will distribute funds to the Contact Center, Altar Guild, Christmas Greens fund, and Discretionary fund.

The ECW Holiday Open House is Scheduled for Saturday, October 7th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  We will have bars, cookies, coffee and tea available for our guests.  We will take orders for pecans, Rada cutlery and Christmas stockings.  Gift items will include: embroidered items made by Somer, baby blankets made by Jane K.'s friend, dish cloths and bean soup mix.  Liz Lynch will make party mix again. Janelle offered to put together a Sensi gift basket and Liz L will talk with Brooke Hershfeldt and Libby
Shannon about donating some of their crafts/putting together a raffle basket. Jen A. may donate some needle punch items.
Sandy will talk with Somer about designing flyers and LaVonne volunteered to distribute the flyers. Janelle volunteered to post an announcement on social media.  Shann recommended that the ad in the paper be placed in the garage sale section.  The
articles for the church Facebook page and newspapers may be sent to Cathy in the church office. Jane K, Mary W., LaVonne, Gert and Sandy volunteered to help with set up.

Christ Church serves the Banquet on September 7th. Need servers, clean up, donations of cookies and bars. Kathy moved that we allow up to $200.00 to be used to cover the expense of providing the meal for the Banquet.  Motion was seconded and approved.
Shann would like the ECW to consider purchasing a bench to be set outside the church by the garden.  Shann was asked to provide specifics on the bench she desired.  Item was tabled at this time.  
Christmas stockings are coming along. Anyone wanting to help with sewing, meet at Sandy’s on Mondays and Wednesdays at 1:00 pm.

There was discussion regarding the venue for the "No Bake - Bake Sale" social/fundraiser.  Jane Hawk volunteered to host the gathering at her house.  The date was set for Wednesday, October 20th at 6:30 pm.  Details will follow.      
Our next meeting will be Sunday, September 10th following coffee hour.

Meeting adjourned at 12:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Jane Kopecky, Secretary
 ECW Meeting highlights 4/21/23
We will be conducting a drive for the Pathways Homeless Shelter from April through June.
Jen and Karen M. volunteered to assist Gert with keeping the kitchen supplies current.

Mary W. volunteered to extend a personal invitation to women of St. Paul’s to attend our No Bake Bakesale in September.
We plan to have our fall Open House on one of the first two weekends in October, prior to when our snowbirds leave.
Our next meeting will be July 30th following the coffee hour.  
ECW meeting highlights 2/12/23

The 2023 Budget was approved.

In addition to the ongoing drive for the Contact Center, we will hold three additional drives during the last 3 quarters of 2023, as follows: Pathways Homeless Shelter to close on June 30th. River City Domestic Violence program to close on September 30th.
SD Kids Belong Foster Care program to close by December 31st

We will continue hosting a no-bake bake sale and the Holiday Open House as fundraisers.

The Church Women United Day of Prayer is March 3rd.

The next ECW meeting will be held following coffee hour on Sunday, April 23, 2023.
Minutes from the November 6, 2022 EWC meeting.

1. President Sandy Cope called the meeting to order.  Fr. Mike gave the opening prayer.

2. Members attending:  Janelle Tacke,   Jennifer Adamson,  Shann Doerr, Peg Michael,  Jane Kopecky,  Gert Boyles,
Karen Kubal,  Liz Lynch,  Sandy Cope, Dawne Unruh,  Sara Sudbeck,  Elizabeth Dannen,  and Karen Michels.

3. Minutes from the October 8, 2022 meeting were reviewed and approved.

4. President Sandy Cope thanked all the members for helping with the funeral of Beverly Ann Christensen.  She also expressed her
gratitude for the many hours members spent cutting, sewing and putting together Christmas stocking and for packaging the Episcopal bean soup mix.  Sara Sudbeck graciously donated the cost of the beans. By consensus the cost of each bag of mix will be $6.00.

5.Treasurers Report for the month of October, 2022 was accepted as presented.  Of note is an opening balance of $6470.11 and
a closing balance of $5010.39.  The charitable donations for 2022 have been distributed. Members discussed adding the Foster Care Program to our charitable contributions for 2023.  Liz Lynch talked about the importance of this program.  A motion was made and seconded to add this to our 2023 budget at $200.00, which motion passed.  Members discussed our current contribution of $300.00 to the Food for Thought / Sack Pack.  Dawne Unruh reminded members the original contribution was $500.00.  A motion was
made and seconded to keep the current contribution at $300.00 and possibly increase it in 2023, which motion passed.
6.Further business:   Members agreed to order 10 dozen additional dish clothes and sell at $2.00 each.  We currently have about 3 dozen left on hand.  Gert has ordered more pecans at $8.89 per bag.  We will sell the new bags for $14.00 each, up from $13.00.  
Members decided to host an open house in the church undercroft on Saturday, November 19 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Some items featured include dish clothes, bean soup mix, Rada cutlery, stocking orders and pecans.  Fr. Mike will ask Cathy Unruh to contact the P & D and see if they would write a human interest story.    Gert, Jane and Sandy will be contacts if the paper agrees.   Jennifer, Peg, Liz, Shann, Janelle and Jane offered to bring cookies or bars to serve along with coffee and tea.

Sandy explained the ECW by-laws call for 4 meetings per year.  By consensus we will have our next meeting Sunday, February 12, 2023.  Subsequent dates will be determined at that time.  

Karen Kubal asked for 2 volunteers from ECW to help cull through, organize and decide what to do with decades of ECW minutes and other items.  Sandy and Peg graciously offered.

At the last vestry meeting, Sandy inquired about costs the ECW could take on in 2023 to help ease the over-all church budget.   By consensus it was agreed to cover the Altar Guild costs at $700.00 and the Christmas greens at $120.00.

Sandy presented Fr. Mike with 3 beautiful Christmas stockings for his family.  Of note is the gingerbread monk
artfully sewn on his stocking.  He thanked members, offered a prayer and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted, Karen Michels
Minutes for the 10/8/2022 ECW meeting

1. Call to order and opening prayer offered by Sandy Cope 

2. Attendance: Sandy Cope, Gert Boyles, Karen Kubal, Jane Kopecky, Sara Sudbeck, Janelle Tacke, Jane Hawk, Liz Lynch, LaVonne Lorenzen, Jen Adamson

3.Minutes from June 28th meeting were reviewed and approved by consensus.

4.Officer Reports
a .President - Thanks to all who helped with the Banquet and attended the ECW fundraiser at Willa B’s September14th.  It was a wonderful time of coming together.  Thanks too to Janelle, her family and Sara for helping with the pear picking.  Liz Lynch
reported that all the pears that were donated to the Contact Center were taken by families. The Christmas stockings are coming along, anybody who is willing to help us with stitching the decals onto the stockings is welcome to join us.  Thanks to Sara, Jane K. Jen and Somer for sticking with me from June to this point. The Parish wide potlucks will start this month, on the third Sunday of
the month with our first one Oct 16th.

b. Treasurer Report: ECW Treasurers Summary October 1, 2021 to September 30, 2022
Product sales $1740.00
UTO ingathering 307.60
Bake less bake sale 1350.00
TOTAL $3397.60
Power Electric Supply             $2543.19 (Rectory electrical)
Pecans                                  $  640.08
Candles                                 $   40.51
Gift (C. Unruh)                       $   50.00

UTO                                      $
SD ECW dues                        $
Church Women United           $ 150.00
Children International             $ 516.00
Contact Center               $ 400.00
Food for Thought              $ 300.00
ABS                       $ 100.00
Pathways                   $ 100.00
RC Domestic Violence
         $ 100.00
TOTAL                                  $5434.48
Account Balance 9/30/2022              $6470.11

1) Children International is $33/month plus birthday & Christmas gifts
2) UTO disbursement larger due to contributions from spring 2021
3) Product sales include all regular items plus Sunday coffee donations. 4 Church Women United and ECW dues were sent in spring
2022. The 2022 disbursements to the Contact Center, Food for Thought, ABS, Pathways & River City Domestic Violence will be sent in October.
Sandy reported that the State ECW organization looks for the local ECW chapters to send in contributions for the state ECW
project.  The project for 2022 will either be Period Poverty or an organization for Missing and Murdered Indigenous

Jane Hawk moved that we give $200.00 to the 2022 State ECW project.  Sarah provided the second. The motion carried.
There was discussion regarding disbursements to our local charities. Liz Lynch recommended that we add The Child
Foster Care Program to our 2023 budget and that ECW members consider donating clothing, diapers, back packs and personal care items to this organization that provides support to foster children and foster parents.

Jane Hawk moved that we reduce our 2023 contribution to the sac pack program by $100.00 and donate $200.00 to the Child Foster Care Program.  Jane Kopecky seconded the motion. The motion carried. The contact person for the Child Foster Care
Program is, 605-261-2414.  The Foster Closet is at the Restore Church at 607 East 15th.
a. State ECW report The meeting was a bit disorganized with no written reports available and reworking the proposed budget line by line. They are moving the deadlines for scholarship applications to July 1st instead of the 31st as students are moving onto campus in August. Deacon Mary Garwood was awarded the SD ECW Honored Woman award for 2022.  Every three years one of the women honored by the State ECW in the previous 3 years is recommended for the national honored woman award which is presented at the Triannual (which was cancelled this year). UTO will be hosting a color your own blue box competition this year.  The bylaw committee had not yet met. The state ECW not only recommends the $4.00 per ECW member from each parish to cover expenses but also funds for the state ECW project.  The project’s focus rotates between national, international, and state organizations.
They have not yet picked the 2022 recipient but have narrowed it down to Period Project or an organization for missing and murdered indigenous women.

b. Bills – Sara states that she will donate the bean soup ingredients. Sandy, Jen and Jane K. have donated materials
for the Christmas stockings.

c. Follow up on future plans
i. Undercroft cupboards – LaVonne and Sandy have had a good start on the Sunday School cupboards and Sandy has moved the most frequently utilized ECW items to a closet in the “choir room”.
ii. Card Parties – either card making or care playing – tabled.
iii. Church picnic in spring/summer - tabled until a later date.
d. Ideas brought up at the Fundraiser
i. Music Together – There was discussion that although this looks like a good program, we do not currently have a candidate to undergo the training, so the matter was tabled.
ii. Live music/concerts – LaVonne suggested that we sing Christmas Carols and serve hot chocolate on the front
steps of the church this December.  It was suggested that the city calendar be checked prior to setting a date and that
Fr. Mike be consulted first.  No one volunteered to organize this project.
iii. Carriage house – there was a motion to adjourn prior to any discussion regarding the Carriage House.

e. Other - Karen Kubal suggested that we reschedule the October Potluck for Oct 23rd as Fr. Mike is out ill.  It was generally agreed to keep the potluck on Oct 16th. 
Bev Ann’s funeral October 22nd. Karen Michels has asked for volunteers to bring bars or cookies and to help in the kitchen following the funeral. Volunteers to bring bars or cookies: Sara Sudbeck, Jen Adamson, Jane Kopecky, LaVonne Lorenzen and Liz Lynch.
Volunteers to work in the kitchen: Gert Boyles, Jen Adamson, Sara Sudbeck, LaVonne Lorenzen, Jane Kopecky and Liz Lynch.
Sandy sent around a card to express our appreciation to Ken Smith for working on our front steps and doors.
6. Motion to adjourn was made by Liz Lynch, seconded by Karen K., the motion carried.
 ECW meeting minutes 6/26/2022
Opening prayer – Sandy Cope
Members Present: Sandy Cope, Gert Boyles, Karen Kubal, Sara Sudbeck, Jane Hawk, LaVonne
Lorenzen, Anita Bebout, Jane Kopecky, Fr. Mike
President’s report:  Thanks were given to LaVonne Lorenzen and Karen Michels for contributing deserts for the banquet on May 12th when Church Women United hosted. Thanks to Gert, Jane H. and Karen K. for assisting in hosting the Yankton Ministerial Association luncheon here on June 1st. Thanks to Kathy W. for taking over UTO and to Liz for being our UTO coordinator for so many years.  Our spring UTO in-gathering was for $210.Thanks to Somer, Janelle, Jane K., Gert and Kathy W. for staying after church June 6th to cut out stocking blanks and to all those who will assist with completing the ECW Christmas stockings.  We have 20 stockings on order. The Rada cutlery has been inventoried. Our bean soup supply may need to be replenished before fall.  Gert has found three different sets of supply lists and Sara has provided another. Gert suggests that Kathy W. provide input on which list we use.  Sara has volunteered to do bulk shopping for ingredients in Sioux Falls.
Treasurer’s report as of 6/23/2022:  
Opening balance 4/1/2022                                          $4,556.17
Income Product Sales                $496.50
   UTO Ingathering             $206.44
Total income                                                               $  702.94
             Children’s Int.                 $66.00
   UTO                     $210.00
Total expenses                                                           $  276.00
Balance on hand 6/23/2022                                        $4,983.11
State ECW report:
The state organization is looking at how to move forward after having been pretty much at a standstill for the past 2 years due to COVID-19. They are planning to focus on improving communications about ECW. The Diocese gives the state ECW $500.00 quarterly for a total of $2,000 a year. $1,500 of this goes to the ECW scholarship fund. The state ECW offers two, one-time scholarships of $750 each that are not tied to grades or number of hours taken. (The deadline for applications is July 31.) The theme for UTO grants for this year was “Care of Creation”.  South Dakota received a grant of $99,541 for an indoor riding arena at the Cheyenne camp. The theme for next year is “Serving those who society has left out and left behind”.  Grant applications are on the web site and are due 12/1.  One grant chosen by the Bishop and UTC chairperson is submitted per state. The Church Periodical Club is looking for a person to serve in our province.  The club raises funds for Sunday school materials and books for seminarians. The Altar Guild chair reported that no information had been requested regarding vestments or linens. There is an ECW quilt and history book in Pierre that can be requested for display. The offices of treasurer and vice present will come open in the fall.  They are accepting nominations to fill these positions for a two-year term. The focus of this year’s state annual special mission project national. Suggestions for the project were Thistle Farms – which helps victims of human trafficking, Period Poverty which provided feminine hygiene products to the poor and Awareness of missing Indigenous Women and Children.  The last suggested could involve providing support to the national office or a more “boots on the ground” approach by providing meals for the indigenous riders who ride to the capital annually on horseback to raise awareness.  The ECW Triennial (national convention) for this year has been cancelled. A Committee was formed to update the bylaws and procedures. In the fall they hope to organize a committee to plan an ECW retreat. The vote for the state’s Honored Woman was held at several sites with those of who joined via zoom being mailed ballots.
Gert Boyles, Christ Episcopal Church, Yankton (nominated by Kathy Wright)
I would like to respectfully and enthusiastically nominate Gert Boyles for ECW 2022 Honored Woman. Gert has been a member of Christ Episcopal Church in Yankton for 7 decades and during that time she has held numerous positions on the church Vestry, altar guild, search committee, and ECW. During the past 4 years, before we received a priest, she was a driving force that sustained our congregation. Gert made it her mission to keep the congregation and ECW members connected through phone calls, fundraising activities and prayer chains. She looked out for both the physical and spiritual maintenance of the church. Gert’s constant love for and dedication to the Episcopal church and the Christ Church family is nothing short of inspiring. She took it upon herself to compile a history of Christ Church that is being posted on the church website. Gert also initiated and maintained our ECW sponsorship of a child through Childrens International for several years. She personally corresponds with the child several times a year. Gert does not confine her activities and philanthropy to the church. She is an active member in several community organizations. In particular, she coordinates the Girls State nomination and interview process for the American Legion Auxiliary. She is also active in DAR and had recently worked on organizing and distributing recognition certificates. In the past she was very active with the Girl Scouts. Gert is truly a most deserving nominee for this award.
Old Business:
Meals on Wheels:  Karen M. reached out to the Center. Their greatest need is drivers on Thursdays. If you are interested please contact Karen Michels at 605-661-7108 or email mkcm@ Both regular drivers and substitute drivers are needed.
New Business:
Vote on sending funds to State ECW:  We did not sent funds to the State ECW last year. The suggested donation is $4.00 per member. It was determined that we have about 30 or so members in ECW at this time.  Jane Hawk moved to send $125.00 to the State ECW.  Jane K. provided the second.  The motion carried.
The State ECW asked for a list of deceased ECW members as well as active and retired military members. Pat Christensen was the only one from this parish. 
Fundraiser:  Sandy contacted Erica at Willa B’s Bistro and Emporium.  She would be willing to open her restaurant for an ECW dinner and “bake-less bake sale” fundraiser in Sept on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening.  As our parish hosts the banquet the first week of September, Wednesday, Sept 14th at 6:00 was the consensus for the preferred date, along with a request for 2 meal options, with one possibly being vegetarian.  This even would be open to guests.  There will be a set price for the meal withthe gratuity included.  Sandy will follow up with Erica. 
Future plans: Several options were discussed with the decision to focus on cleaning out the cupboards in the undercroft, the bake-less bake sale fundraiser and serving the banquet in September and hosting a potluck the 3rd Sunday of each month following our church service, starting in October.  Ideas of future consideration included card or bunco parties with spouses included and a church picnic in the spring. Somer is making bookmarks and seasonal crafts with her embroidery machine which she is willing to donate to ECW.  They will be available for sale on the back table of the undercroft, along with our other ECW products.  If anyone else has any crafting projects they would like to donate, please contact Sandy.
Other:  Deacon John would like to donate a sign board to the church to set up along Douglas. Two books of quotes for these types of signs were available for review.  This will need to go before the Vestry but the response was generally positive.
The Center is having a Wine and Dine Fundraiser July 8th to benefit Meals on Wheels, Center activities and equipment needs. ($35.00 per person.) The Church has updated it’s website.  There is currently no information regarding ECW on the site.  It was suggested that we post the minutes of our meeting and a calendar of upcoming events.
Closing prayer was the ECW prayer offered by Sandy Cope. The meeting was adjourned with many members staying to cut out more Christmas stocking blanks.  (Special thanks to Jane K, Sara, LaVonne and Jane H.)
Submitted by: Sandy Cope, ECW president