The Mother Church

of  The Dakotas

  517 Douglas  Avenue,  Yankton, SD 57078




I am most pleased to once again wish you a blessed “Season of Thanksgiving”!  This month long season is devoted to giving thanks for infinite blessings.  In so doing, may we be aware of how much we are loved.  Just try to imagine the measureless love that God has for us!


We begin this season by remembering the saints of our lives…those that have passed on and those that are around us each and every day.  The saints of our lives are those that gave and give us still, expressions of God’s great love.  We will celebrate the baptism of Raelyn Marie Plautz, one of our newest saints!


We give thanks for the bounty of Creation as the harvest of the fields, gardens and shimmering blue seas, are gathered.  May each day bring moments of thanksgiving for us and may we remember we are The Beloved’s stewards of much beauty and abundance.  Our nation comes together to celebrate Thanksgiving, on November 23rd.  We give thanks that we are citizen stewards of American democracy.  The example of respectful dialogue (and truly listening to one another) and a willingness to work together begins with us.


Sunday, November 26th marks the end of the church year as we celebrate the triumphant love of Christ and “Stewardship Sunday.”  We remember and celebrate that Jesus taught us over and over again that the eternal love within him is also within us…or at least its potential!  Furthermore, Jesus’ example and his teaching reminds us that we are God’s stewards and caretakers of creation and that each of us has much to give.  We sometimes call this stewardship as giving of “our time, talent, and treasure.”


May the Holy Spirit move us to give with a love that flows out of a grateful heart, whether be giving to the ministry of Christ Church, to charities or other needs.  Giving with love is always generous giving.


May the very Spirit of The Beloved give us grateful, loving and Christ-like hearts.

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