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of  The Dakotas

  517 Douglas  Avenue,  Yankton, SD 57078



The Yankton Area Meditation group meets every other Thursday evening from 7pm-8:30pm in the Olde Rectory.  We study and practice mindfulness meditation and have been following guidelines from the Tergar Mediation Community, an international meditation community based in Minneapolis.


Mindfulness meditation can be described as paying attention, on purpose, moment by moment with a nonjudgmental awareness.  Mindfulness is a basic human quality.  It is the capacity for conscious presence.  It is a presence that is friendly, non-judging and allowing.


Mindfulness meditation has been shown to have many health benefits when practiced on a regular basis. Some of these benefits include dealing with stress more effectively; lowering of blood pressure in people with high blood pressure; reducing anxiety, and augmenting our immune system.


In addition, mindfulness practice can help us become more aware of and help to control afflictive emotions such as anger. With regular practice the virtues of loving kindness, compassion, shared joy and equanimity can be enhanced.


Mindfulness is not based on any religious belief and is compatible with all mainline religious traditions including Christianity. These Wednesday night sessions are free is and are open to the public to attend at any time.


For further information contact:


Jim Pearson:



Christ Episcopal Church         517 Douglas Avenue        Yankton, SD 57078          605.665.2456