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Three Ideas to Test Drive


I was in the Yankton HyVee and ran into three folks I’d worked with at the #6 store in Sioux Falls.  Thinking of that place reminded me how hard work made it to get to church on Sunday, and that provoked…


IDEA NUMBER ONE.  I would like to offer a short midweek service, maybe during the Wednesday lunch hour.  I’m looking for feedback:


  •  Is that a good day and time?
  •  Should I offer it here at the church or look for a community location?  (In other words, should I try to use it as a way to reach working   folks beyond the church walls?)
  •  When to launch?  Is there a desire for it now or should we aim for a date after Labor Day?


As I get to know you and also other folks around town, I’m meeting plenty of animal lovers.  That brings up…

IDEA NUMBER TWO.  I’d like to offer a Blessing of the Animals on or around St. Francis’ Day, October 4th.  I need feedback on this, too:


  •  October 4th is a Thursday.  Should we use that, or aim for the weekend (Sat. Oct. 6 or Sun. Oct. 7)?
  •  Should we hold it on the church lawn, or should we tempt the weather and make it a public offering some place like the Meridian Bridge or Riverside Park?  Might be fun to put together a team to find/reserve a space and generate awareness around town.


Elsewhere in this newsletter is a call for folks to help teach Sunday School in the fall.  Which gets me thinking about the kids and…


IDEA NUMBER THREE.  I would like to offer a Blessing of the Backpacks during the 10 a.m. service on Sunday, August 19th.  This is a short prayer over the students on the Sunday before school starts up.  They can bring backpacks, but don’t take it too literally – it’s really about blessing the kids.  Ideas include:


  •  Making every effort to get all of the kids to show up.
  •  Inviting friends to church that day for a blessing on their upcoming school year.
  •  Making some effort to connect the event with the wrap up of Riverboat Days?
  •  Engaging in an in-gathering of school supplies for donation to families in need?


Oh, yeah, I’m full of ideas.  But they will just stay on this page without your engagement of them.  I need your input and, God willing, your involvement in any of these that come to be.


Thanks for taking some time to think, pray and do.





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