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The Lord speaks through two books – the written word and the masterpiece of creation. The Lord’s Creation, known as nature, is the “Natural Cathedral.”


What inspiration can we draw from the Natural Cathedral this fall season in South Dakota? The beautiful falls colors have given way to various shades of brown, but look more closely at the Natural Cathedral and notice the evergreens. A universal feature of Christmas is the use of evergreens because they never change color. They are ever-green, ever-alive, even in the midst of winter. They are the symbol the everlasting life brought through Jesus. An evergreen tree is the center of our holiday festivities. (Charles Berry, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Brookings, SD)


Why should we care for all of God's creation?  (











Biblically understood, "the environment" is actually part of God's creation, of which human beings are also a part.


1. Christ died to reconcile all of creation to God (Col. 1:20).


2. All of creation belongs to Jesus (Col. 1:16; Ps. 24:1).


3. It fulfills the Great Commandments to love God and love what God loves. (It's hard to love a child with asthma when you're filling her         lungs with pollution.)


4. Pollution hurts the poor the most, and Christians are called to care for the poor and the less powerful (Mt. 25:37-40).

Thus, caring for all of creation provides a Christian with the deepest sense of joy and contentment since it is part of loving God. We call this "creation-care."


What is "creation-care"?

Creation-care means caring for all of God's creation by stopping and preventing activities that are harmful (e.g. air and water pollution, species extinction), and participating in activities that further Christ's reconciliation of all of creation to God. Doing creation-care fills us with the joy that only comes from doing the will of God.


If you are interested in learning more about Creation Care or how you could participate, please contact Carol Smith at: 605- 661-5501 or

Why Creation Care Matters

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