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We’ve been so blessed by this lovely summer.  The rains have come just when they were really needed and we give thanks.  We’ve had some hot and muggy days but not for days and days.  On those “days” the old Nat King Cole song comes to my head and my suffering is transformed, “Role out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer…”    Many of us like to have “a good read” for these summer days.  Below you’ll find a good read, a short and sweet read, authored by the beloved American poet, Mary Oliver.  In this poem entitled, “Maybe” you will hear her masterful weaving of the known and the unknown, using the gospel stories of Jesus (heard these past two Sundays) the feeding of the multitude and the calming of the sea.  Please read the entire left column, then the right.



by Mary Oliver



Sweet Jesus, talking

  his melancholy madness,

     stood up in the boat

          and the sea lay down,


silky and sorry.

     So everybody was saved

      that night.

         But you know how it is


when something

    different crosses

       the threshold -- the uncles

          mutter together,


the women walk away,

   the young brother begins

      to sharpen his knife.

         Nobody knows what the soul is.


It comes and goes

   like the wind over the water --

      sometimes, for days,

        you don’t think of it.


…yes, “tender, luminous and demanding…”more frightening than the killer sea.” to “love one’s neighbors”, every one of them.  And worse, to “love one’s enemies!”  It is, however, life changing and life giving.  So, by grace, let us see the Christ in all persons and in all of creation.



 Maybe, after the sermon,

   after the multitude was fed,

     one or two of them felt

       the soul slip forth


like a tremor of pure sunlight

   before exhaustion,

      that wants to swallow everything,

         gripped their bones and left them


miserable and sleepy,

    as they are now, forgetting

       how the wind tore at the sails

          before he rose and talked to it


tender and luminous and demanding

   as he always was --

      a thousand times more frightening

         than the killer sea …



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