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Why?  And no Why



Dearly beloved, as summer transforms into autumn, this lovely change of the seasons reminds us, encourages us to know that we too are changing.  As people of faith, we believe that God’s love is continually re-creating us…or  at least trying too!  Such was the experience of Moses, whose story we are hearing once again during our Sunday worship (Exodus, chpt.3).  There he was tending the flock of his father-in-law, Jethro, when he had a most unexpected religious or spiritual experience.  Moses’ experience at the “burning bush” and hearing God’s voice is a story that is meant to go beyond words.  The Hebrew name for God in this story is understood to be unsayable, although, names such as “Yahweh” (translated as LORD) are used.  Why?...because any idea, name, concept or theology of God is not God…even God is not God!


What Moses, his Hebrew people and later the followers of Jesus would come to know in a deep way, is that God is known by such activities as on-going creativity, healing, the ways of peace, and life and lives transformed by love.  And that we, all people (and all of creation), are loved without a “Why?”  Abbot Bernard of Clairvaux (12th century) said that love is the only activity without “a why?”  Everything else that we do, we do for a purpose.  Only Love is its own purpose.


Dear friends, as the seasons transform into what they are to be, may we know that we too are called into Love’s transforming activity.  Jim Finley, a Christian and a Buddhist says that Love’s calling to us can be heard this way, as we live each day, moment by moment,  “All things considered, what is the most loving thing that I can do for myself right now?…all things considered, what is the most loving thing that I can do for you right now?…for those around us?…for the earth?…for this animal?…this plant?”


Why?...because in Love, there is no Why.


 In God’s Ineffable Love,



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